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Famous Important Quotes

The quality of life is more important than life itself. – Alexis Carrel

Friendship is essentially a partnership. – Aristotle

A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Men do not learn much from the lessons of history and that is the most important of all the lessons of history. – Aldous Huxley

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That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history. – Aldous Huxley

All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives. – Dalai Lama

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. – Dalai Lama

Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein

Mothers are the necessity of invention. – Bill Watterson

Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success. – Denis Waitley

Children make your life important. – Erma Bombeck

Parentage is a very important profession, but no test of fitness for it is ever imposed in the interest of the children. – George Bernard Shaw

The most important thing when ill is to never lose heart. – Vladimir Lenin

I just want to thank everyone who made this day necessary. – Yogi Berra

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible. – Abraham Lincoln

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. – Abraham Maslow

Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer. – Adam Smith

Best Important Quotes

In order to exist just once in the world, it is necessary never again to exist. – Albert Camus

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. – Albert Einstein

Morality is of the highest importance – but for us, not for God. – Albert Einstein

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once. – Albert Einstein

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. – Albert Einstein

Amour is the one human activity of any importance in which laughter and pleasure preponderate, if ever so slightly, over misery and pain. – Aldous Huxley

Habit converts luxurious enjoyments into dull and daily necessities. – Aldous Huxley

Official dignity tends to increase in inverse ratio to the importance of the country in which the office is held. – Aldous Huxley

Constitutions should consist only of general provisions; the reason is that they must necessarily be permanent, and that they cannot calculate for the possible change of things. – Alexander Hamilton

In the usual progress of things, the necessities of a nation in every stage of its existence will be found at least equal to its resources. – Alexander Hamilton

In man, the things which are not measurable are more important than those which are measurable. – Alexis Carrel

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What is most important for democracy is not that great fortunes should not exist, but that great fortunes should not remain in the same hands. In that way there are rich men, but they do not form a class. – Alexis de Tocqueville

Popular Important Quotes

Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues. – Ambrose Bierce

History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. – Ambrose Bierce

There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses. – Andrew Jackson

We are beginning a new era in our government. I cannot too strongly urge the necessity of a rigid economy and an inflexible determination not to enlarge the income beyond the real necessities of the government. – Andrew Jackson

Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don’t need to be done. – Andy Rooney

Taxes are important. President Bush’s tax proposals leave no rich person behind. Voters approve of President Bush helping the kind of people they wish they were one of. – Andy Rooney

Famous Important Quotes

But it’s important, while we are supporting lessons in respecting others, to remember that many of our youngest kids need to learn to respect themselves. You learn your worth from the way you are treated. – Anna Quindlen

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

We say nothing essential about the cathedral when we speak of its stones. We say nothing essential about Man when we seek to define him by the qualities of men. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Probable impossibilities are to be preferred to improbable possibilities. – Aristotle

You know, nothing is more important than education, because nowhere are our stakes higher; our future depends on the quality of education of our children today. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I accepted the face that as much as I want to lead others, and love to be around other people, in some essential way, I am something of a loner. – Arthur Ashe

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. – Arthur Ashe

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. – Arthur Ashe

You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing. – Arthur Ashe

More Important Quotes

I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person. – Audrey Hepburn

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Success is like reaching an important birthday and finding you’re exactly the same. – Audrey Hepburn

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. – Audrey Hepburn

From the smallest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from one attribute of man – the function of his reasoning mind. – Ayn Rand

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