45+ Popular Greek Proverbs & Sayings

45+ Popular Greek Proverbs & Sayings

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45 Impressive Greek Proverbs

“Shove anger aside.”
Meaning – Don’t make a harsh decision while angry; Don’t make a decision/choice out of anger.

“They got the wolf to guard the sheep”
Meaning – They asked someone corrupt to have a task of civil importance.

“The kettle rolled down and found the lid.”
Meaning – A person of a certain character always finds another of the same.

“One cuckoo bird does not bring the spring.”
Meaning – If one good thing happens in your life, it is not an indication that everything will get better.

“From outside the dance-circle, you sing a lot of songs.”
Meaning – Someone who’s not doing, does a lot of talking. Akin to “Easier said than done”.

“The donkey called the rooster bigheaded.”
Note : Similar to “The pot calling the kettle black” or “Look who’s talking”.

“Venice lost a needle.”
Meaning – It’s no big matter if you lose something you have aplenty.
Note : Referring to Venice’s riches.

“Time has turns, and the year has weeks.”
Meaning – Patience.

“He has (even) the bird’s milk.”
Meaning – A person who has a lot, even something that is rare and unavailble to most.

“Hunger fights castles and hunger surrenders castles.”
Meaning – Hunger/Need.
Note : A hungry person will do anything to survive, from fighting for a cause to betraying it.

Popular Greek Proverbs

“Madness doesn’t visit the mountains.”
Meaning – Madness is manifested towards something you are conversing/thinking about.
Note : There is another clause to this proverb that is generally omitted.

“It’s the old chicken that has the juice.”
Meaning – Don’t discredit elder people/ideas (also used ironically).
Note : It often refers to sexual relations, with older women having more sexual experience and being able satisfy a man more than a younger woman can.

“The camel does not see her own hump.”
Meaning – We readily see other people’s faults but fail to see our own.

“Cleanliness is a virtue.”

“The old woman didn’t have a demon (i.e., problem) and she was buying piglets.”
Meaning – When someone goes looking for trouble or creates problems where there were none (since raising piglets is a lot of trouble).

“The way of speaking honors the face/person.”
Meaning – Eloquence.
“A wheel it is and it turns around.”
Meaning – The obvious.

“Brother, even though he is your enemy.”
Note : Blood is thicker than water.

‘A green fruit gets ripe slowly.
Meaning – Patience.

“If you do not praise your own home, it will fall on you and squash you.”
Meaning – You do not speak badly about your own family.

“The saint who works no miracles isn’t glorified.”

“Lazy youth, begging old age.”
Meaning – Laziness.

Famous Greek Proverbs

“My grandmother says something, my ears hear something else.”
Meaning – It means that the young do not listen to the old.
Note : The real meaning is deeper.

“Some wish they had a beard and the ones that do, are spitting on it.”
Meaning – The young wish to be old, and the old wish to be young again.

“One seeds and harvests and another drinks and gets drunk.”

“A confessed sin is half a sin”.
Meaning – A confessed sin is half-forgiven.

“If you join the dance-circle, you must dance.”
Meaning – On getting swept along by events.

“The illiterate person is like an uncarved piece of wood.”
Meaning – Literacy.

“From a thorn a rose emerges and from a rose a thorn.”
Meaning – Atavism, or one doesn’t know what their offspring will become in life.
Note : Example: An honest, respected man’s son may turn out to be a criminal and vice versa.

“Outside a doll, inside the plague.”
Meaning – Duality. Used to describe a beautiful woman with a terrible character.

“From far away and beloved rather than close by and arguing.”
Meaning – Better to live apart and get along than to live together and argue.

“From a child and a crazy person you learn the truth.”

“He who lost his pig, kept hearing grunts”

“I’m coming from town, and you are talking about the peak of Salamina island.”
Meaning – A surrealist turn of phrase used to describe lack of communication.

Popular Greek Proverbs

“Laziness, mother of all evil.” (ancient Greek saying)
Meaning – Laziness.

“Let me be called ‘Voivoidina’ even if I’m dying of hunger.”
Meaning – Prestige (being the wife of a high official; a Voivod) is worth it even if you live miserably.

“What you wish for when you’re sober, you act-out when drunk.”
Meaning – Drunkenness and loss of inhibitions.

“Help me, so that I can help you, so that we can climb the mountain.”
Meaning – Cooperation.

“He was born without pants and is ashamed to be dressed.”
Meaning – When one person is not raised properly and is accustomed to poor manners or a poor way of life, they are uncomfortable doing things properly.

“He licks, where he used to spit.”
Meaning – Submission. Refers to being wildly inconsistent and/or sucking up to someone.

“A pig in a sack.”
Meaning – A warning not to buy blindly, like buying a pig in a sack.

“An old cat wants young mice.”
Meaning – Old-age sex.
Note : Also: “a Dirty Old Man”.

“You can’t catch an old fox in a trap.”
Meaning – Experience.

“For the enemy that leaves, build a golden bridge.”
Meaning – Enemy.

“The woman who doesn’t wish to bake bread, spends five days sifting.”
Meaning – Procrastination.

“For (because of) the nail he lost the horseshoe.”
Meaning – If you don’t take care of small problems, they eventually get bigger.

“Teacher who taught, but did not keep your books.”
Meaning – Practice what you preach.

“Either get married early, or become a monk early.”
Meaning – Used to convince people to marry young.

“A library is a repository of medicine for the mind.”
Meaning – Used to convey importance of books

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