10 Famous Ruins Quotes, Sayings, Quotations & Slogans

Ruins Quotes

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Best Ruins Quotes

The necessity of every one paying in his own labor for what he consumes, affords the only legitimate and effectual check to excessive luxury, which has so often ruined individuals, states and empires; and which has now brought almost universal bankruptcy upon us. Josiah Warren

I needed a place to put the dogs. The prisoners ruined the jail, so I put the prisoners in the tents and I had a nice place to put the dogs. We treat the cats nice too, and horses. I have the inmates take care of the animals. It’s therapy too, you see. Joe Arpaio

Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me. – John Lennon

We moralize among ruins. – Benjamin Disraeli

Ruins Quotes

Anyone who cannot come to terms with his life while he is alive needs one hand to ward off a little his despair over his fate… but with his other hand he can note down what he sees among the ruins. – Franz Kafka

Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness. – George Washington

A thousand years may scare form a state. An hour may lay it in ruins. – Lord Byron

Anger is like those ruins which smash themselves on what they fall. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

How marriage ruins a man! It is as demoralizing as cigarettes, and far more expensive. – Oscar Wilde

A man is a god in ruins. When men are innocent, life shall be longer, and shall pass into the immortal, as gently as we awake from dreams. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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